Why Chicos Electric?

Why Choose Chico's Electric LLC?

Chico's Electric’s objective is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. The following is a summary of our attributes that enable us to obtain this objective.

1. Our organization is able to provide cost effective solutions to our customers.

2. Our bonding capacity and banking relationships are among the best in the industry.

3. We provide specialty training for all projects — including lighting, pools, spas, rarmadas, pool automation trouble shooting, etc..

4. Our employees are highly motivated, well compensated, production oriented, and our greatest asset.

5. The Owner and our key personnel have over 20 years of project team experience.

6. Continual recognition of coordination requirements at pre-construction stage as well as at the construction phase will reduce customer’s cost.

7. The financial strength of Chico's Electric LLC provides the customer with additional cost savings due to our excellent supplier relations. We discount every vendor invoice - company-wide. This makes us more likely to receive excellent pricing up-front!

Why have customers been coming to us for 6 years? Because they can count on us. We work hard for our customers, building a reputation for integrity and quality since 2003. Times and technology have changed, but our focus on honest service hasn’t. That’s why repeat customers make up a substantial part of our business. As word of Chico's Electric LLC quality and dependability spread, the scope of our operations has widened throughout the state. The confidence that the job will be done right brings our customers back. We deliver quality work, on time, on budget—every time. And we remain on-task for follow-up.

Along the way, we have put together an expert staff of the best in the field who specialize in getting problems solved and off the table. Clients get back to us all the time about how pleased they are with the knowledgeable service, energy and customer-friendly attitude of our team.

Another reason we’ve been in business so long is forward-thinking. Experience doesn’t mean we’re attached to old ideas. We’re in touch. Whether it’s the latest in installations or safety measures, we keep an eye on what’s next in our field.